Lighting + Shades

lighting control

Lighting Control 

With dimmers, sensors, timers, and smart bulbs, lighting control systems use advanced technology to enhance the convenience, safety and efficiency of your home. Plus, they're inherently personal, allowing you to program your lighting to suit your needs and preferences.

Think about the benefits:

1. Increased energy efficiency

2. Satisfied personal preferences

3. Enhanced convenience

4. Improved safety

automated window coverings.

Window coverings offer increased energy efficiency, and ambiance in even the simplest of rooms. Our automated, motorized window treatments can easily ingrate with your other smart-home technology to provide exactly what your room needs.

Choose the right amount of outside light for the time of day, season,or weather condition. If you need to bring the lights down in a meeting room or home theater simply push a button and the shades will noiselessly adjust to their pre-arranged position for what ever mood you may require.

Using a remote, or an application on your mobile device, you can adjust an individual window or a complete room.

The shades are almost completely noiseless which adds to the ambiance of your space. Quickly and quietly go from an all windows open daylight feast to a carefully muted, intimate dining experience with the push of a button.