Michaels Custom Home Theater

Michael has been designing and installing custom home theater systems since 1983 and it's something he loves to do. When you call us for a free in-home evaluation, he'll come over and design it for you on site!

We stock all the high-end brands in home theater components, including Runco, JVC, and InFocus projectors, flat-screen TVs including Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic, and Sharp, with sound receivers from Marantz, Pioneer Elite, Yamaha, Denon, Sony, and more. We also carry separate components.

And in speaker brands we carry Martin Logan, NHT, Boston Acoustics, Jamo, and much more. What's your favorite?

New Build or Retrofit

Perhaps you are building a new home. If so, you will want to incorporate your home theater right at the design stage. We have decades of experience taking your new home from the drawing board all the way to the wiring, installation, and life-of-the-system guarantee. The same applies if you are retrofitting your current home to include a theater. Either way, we will design the ideal system for your viewing tastes and budget.

King's Crossing, Winter Park, Co, 970-762-8763